Stranded Update

Monday Market Hangover day: it was a scorcher yesterday – 35C/95F in the shade, humid, and the mozzies decided to munch on my left ankle. Just the left one.  

A Big hello to all the friendly knitters and crocheters who came by the stall on Sunday. For those who are seeking sock yarn, I’ve just gotten a new load of eco-friendly sock yarn in an astounding array of colours. Have a look at the sock wool. It’s going FAST. Colour assortments 2 and 3 arrived, so email me at if you have a hankering – $24.95 AUS – A generous, 100gm ball and the colourways are unique to this fibre blend. You’ll forget all about Opal once you’ve used it. 

If you live in rural SA, sock yarn is mailed free. Why? Because the SA knitters who’ve come by the market say they can’t get anything like it near home. 

And it’s not just for socks – it’s perfect for baby items, as it’s machine washable. 

Soy sock yarn roadtest: when I first used this yarn, I didn’t like the hand at all. It felt slickery, kinda strange at first. Weird on the feet. But I like the idea of using this fibre blend, so I persisted. And after washing and blocking it, the real beauty of the yarn came out.

And for shawl knitters, take a look at the Oasis link – 2 balls makes a lovely summer wrap. I’ve got some in stock – purplexed, passion, and solids of black, sapphire, turquoise, pink, and rose. $19.00 AUS per ball, but don’t be put off by the price- they’re monster 100gm/240 yard balls of pure soy. Machine washable! Forget the mercerized cotton this summer and try some of this. 

If you aren’t sure of colours, come to the market on Sunday, where I keep the colour samples on hand. 

Why I’m stocking yarn: After several months at the Art Market and numerous queries from customers, it seems the logical thing to do. I will only sell fibres that I use and have rigourously tested. And after many conversations as to the lack of availability in SA, I’m pleased to provide this service.  

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