Knitting in Sunny Adelaide

Another gorgeous day down at the Adelaide Festival Centre. Thank you to everyone who came by the stall to look at the new stock — a new bag design I’m playing with. Pics soon. And…

My New Yarn. That’s right. Raw DK Soy. It may be raw, but please don’t cook it! As my husband quiped: well, I’d rather it be yarn than have to eat it. Smarty bum.

This yarn isn’t for everyone, but for those who like the idea of an environmentally-friendly, easy to wash and wear, vegan alternative to cotton, this is the one for you. It is a natural, creamy colour and pleasant in its undyed state. Come by the stall and have a gander.

I’ve also got some sample skeins of other vegan yarns, including different natural cottons, but am not stocking until I’ve got enough feedback. There’s a real prejudice, imho, for cotton knitting in Australia. It is surely a woolisbest tradition, which is totally understandable. I feel like I’m swimming against that tide, yet I PERSEVERE!

If you are going to stick with wool, please think local and consider Knitting By Zen for your wool knitting and crocheting needs. See my links coloumn for Emma’s beautiful colourways. It’s affordable and fabulous. And makes great gifts if you can’t justify your own stash enhancement.

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