Artwear Out There

Thank you to everyone who came by on Sunday. It was lovely to meet you all, especially the out-of-towners. Look out for SIO artwear vests in Brisbane, as that is the place where people are wearing ‘em. I had to say goodbye to Fairy Floss (see prev. post) — this was hard to do, as I was quite attached to it.

Due to the popularity of watermelon-coloured lace yarn, I’ve dyed up a few more. (at the top o’ the heap above) It’s 2ply merino and enough for a decent-sized shawl. Doubled, it would make kickin’ socks or a scarf.

The Tofutsies sock-clubbers are into their beautiful purple/blue sock yarn and groovy pattern from Deb Lake, the resident sock designer at SWTC. The next month’s allotment is for Feb. Please visit the Market or email me for purchase.

In the yarn basket at the moment: gothy, slick, funky all black sari silk. It shimmers in an almost metalic way. Great for making jewelery, tassles, embellishments of all kinds.

Should be a great Sunday this weekend, what with the cricket and the Tour Down Under. Get to the market early and have a coffee and a chat.

Happy Knitting. Melissa

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