Parting with the Hand-Dyed Yarn

It was a fab Sunday, though I’m sure most of the shoppers were down in Rundle Street waiting for the Tour Down Under.

Not to worry, as intrepid knitters found their way to my market tables and did some damage to the 2ply yarns. I sometimes hate to part with a particular hank — and then I remember… I can make MORE! Well, most of the time. Oftentimes, I have dyed something truly unique and rare, like the blues/greens single-ply handpainted laceweight alpaca that was snatched from the table. Yup, the one at the left-hand side of the photo. Can’t wait to see what gets knitted up.

Pictured are also some boldly-coloured cottons and viscose yarns. I mix my colours myself and am enamoured at the moment with the purple I’ve been mixing. I’m aiming for the perfect Phantom purple.

The hank that almost didn’t go on the table is some reclaimed wool-blend machine yarn that dyed up just the way I wanted: pale salmony pink, seaweedy green, and seaweedy purple. Yes, it left on Sunday. But I just had to dye some more — and it’s just as lovely.

I’ve just received the new Tofutsies sock club colour for Feb. It’s a CORKER! Stay tuned for more re Tofutsies.

Merino Laceweight: replacement stock. This weeks are pinks/golds/purples/silver. 100grams enough for an ample triangular shawl project.

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