Tofutsies Fever – Sock Knitting in Adelaide

While the sock-knitting craze has been going for a few years now, there seems no let-up in sock knitting interest around Adelaide. Of course, this is a GOOD THING.

There have been years I’ve been a rather lonely sock knitter — and put up with a lot of ribbing *chortle* for making ‘em — “what would you do that for?”

This month, I’m featuring an Easy Peasy Sock Pattern — buy a ball of sock yarn, get the Easy Peasy. In addition, I’ve been allotted new spaces in the Tofutsies Sock Club. While we played catch up and got December in Jan, February’s is here spot on time. It’s called Hugs and Kisses and is so darned cute, I’ve started one already. I won’t illustrate with a teaser photo here, as you have to subscribe to the club to see the real deal. No fair peeking.

Here’s the funny part: the colourway is… Port Power coloured. I kid you not. So, if there are any die-hard Crows supporters… make a pair for a rival-lovin’ friend. GO THE SOCK KNITTING POWAH!

A big thank you to the customer who purchased the latest version of the soy vest. It looked so perfect. Wear it in good health!

And to all the women who came by to say hello, have a chat, pat the yarn, check out new designs – thank you. You make Sundays really great.

Mel, Still Stranded In Oz

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  1. Vellan
    Posted February 4, 2008 at 11:17 am | Permalink

    Save a ball for me! I’ll be by on Sunday. (Probably without the Ripper though.) :(

    I don’t follow football at all, but I frequently get into trouble because I think black and teal just look sexy. The husband is a Richmond fan, and disagrees.

    Regardless, I’m in.

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