Knitters Prefer A Nice Cool Breeze

NOW that’s more like it. Cool breeze in Adelaide. Get your needles ready people! Yarn Mach II is here. I’ve got copies hot off the press. And GOODIES to the first 5 customers who buy the new issue of YARN MAG this Sunday. That’s right, I’ve got knitting goodies for Yarn Issue 9 Buyers.
If you’re a subscriber, buy one for a friend.

Check out my new pattern, A Sock For Helen in this issue. In Stock: an excellent selection of Tofutsies for you to make a pair or two. That’s Mallory next to Helen’s Sock. The original pair was knitted in recycled jumper wool – a machine knit from China.

Dyepot Update: There are some reddish/brownish/pinkish fun skeins in 5ply Aussie wool. Because they asked to be dyed that way. Really they did. And a few random RAINBOW bright skeins, just for fun.

The banana silk has been topped up to include a warm, coppery brown and a fabulous rich green. Below you will find a picture of the soy dk on sale at the market. Most colours are available every Sunday. If something is sold out, I am able to take an order for that week.

Thank you to the customer from Queensland for your mitt order. I hope they get to you soon, as the holiday weekend may get in the way! Wear them in good health.

Above you’ll find a nice shot of the banana palm silk. In the bg is the Gertrude’s Garden Cardigan from Yarn Magazine. I have back issues on sale — so buy some handpainted yarn and clear out your stash by making one for yourself or someone you love!

See you ’round the Market. Mel, still Stranded In Oz

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