Soy Yarn = time for knitting

Thank you to all the brave knitters and crocheters who came by to purchase YARN in 40/106 degree heat on Sunday. It was great to see you enjoying Adelaide, Womad, and all that our city has to offer.

Artisan Fibre Update: There was a run on the new blue soy colour, which my friend Helen labelled Celadon. I promise I will try to brave the rest of the heatwave and make more. It’s such a beautiful colour. The customer who purchased the Celadon also bought a hank of coordinating handpaint that I’m calling Semaphore. That’s the blue/green/seaweed colour of soy yarn pictured below.

There are some precious hanks of 2ply Australian alpaca ($18.00 per hank/50gm) in autumn tones – 3 left. Just enough for a shawl or stole I reckon.

Artwear Update: I’ll be taking a 1 week break on working more artwear pieces due to the weather, but have several new designs for the following week, barring more EVIL weather further in the month.

Take heart – when it’s 4 degrees, we’ll be wishing for warm weather.

Mel, in Addy

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