Come on Down to the PORT MARKET

Thank you to everyone who came by on Sunday to my new stall at the Fisherman’s Wharf Markets, Port Adelaide. And thank you to everyone there who made me feel welcome. Some very kewl stuff to be seen there. Hmong craftseller, hemp clothing (and you know I’m loving that), and plenty of vintage togs if you’re into that.

And of course, the fresh, hot popcorn seller who drove me nuts all morning. Did I mention the hot jam donut cart dangerously located in the vicinity. It isn’t fair. And no, I didn’t have any donuts. Really.

I’ve been cleaned out of repurposed garments — and the bags are going fast. I’m under a deadline at the moment, so apologies to those who are awaiting. As soon as this week is past, I promise to get back to the vests. Much planning in place for some very cool clothing this winter.

Could not resist uploading a photo of the mohair mini-boucle I painted. This is the last skein until I can secure more from overseas. It’s a 4-ply equivalent, excellent quality and ridiculous meterage. One hank makes an entire shawl or vest. Gorgeous.

I’ve got 2 lots of alpaca laceweight in — if you want some in a custom colourway, now’s the time to email me and make your knitting desire known. The baby alpaca has already been spoken for!

There are a few April sock kits left — The Blackberry Beaded Sock by Deb Lake. It is so much fun. Thank you to all the intrepid club members who’ve heard the siren’s call of beaded knitting. Can’t wait to see those well-clad feet.

Mel, still Stranded

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