Dyepots OUT

Hello to all Artwear and Art Fibre friends — the dyepots are out today and the sun is trying to shine, so who knows what will be drying by the end of the day.

This past Sunday I had to say goodbye to some artwear bags that I was everso attached to. So, Aran Shopper and Wine Trail have gone off to a good home. Richard (the hubstah) is pleased they didn’t find their way into my cupboard.

Laceweight alpaca this week in autumn tones. If you have a colour preference, please email me at strandedinoz at gmail dot com.

Had the mood for banana silk, so out came machine gun (it’s gray), outrageously hot red, like red hot candies, and a gorgeous leafy green/olivy colour. Aloo co-dyed for your own Nepalese fibre creations.

*waving bye ’til later* Mel, still stranded

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