Waving Hello, saying Thank You

Though the weather was cold, the atmosphere was warm ’round the market, as several lovely knitters and crocheters came by to say hello, fondle some yarn, and play with spindles.

Thank you especially to the mum’s and daughters who came by — it was family day at Stranded In Oz. And isn’t that why most of us knit and crochet? To make something special for people we care about? Thank you to Mel *smile*, who went away with the covetted hanks of Sherwood Forest laceweight merino. My husband thanks you, as it was migrating towards the personal stash. Can’t wait to see what you make out of it.

And to the beginner spinners — if you bring back what you’ve spun with your Chuppah Whorl, you get a special 20% discount on your next purchase of spinning fibre. ┬áMore Chuppah Whorl spindles on the way, in more groovy colours. Rick says he’ s going for wild this week, as it is tax season, and things are crazy!

mel, still stranded in oz

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