Sock it to me!

Like a dj, I’m thrilled when I get a request. It gets my colour creation brain into high gear. This week — the sock yarn arrived as it was TOLD to do. I’ve got a limited supply of Brown Sheep’s Wildefoot (undyed) which will be heading for the dyetable this week.

Blues and Greens are first up people, so email me with your requests and I will paint away. There’s a new batch of the original Sherwood Forest. Love the gloves dreadlord vellan is making for her pa! Why didn’t I dye some for me? 

As promised, the El Grande stash sale is on this Sunday. 

In the bins:

Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece
Berroco Zen and Suede
misc sock yarns — solids
Philosopher’s Wool Shawl pack in naturals
Cherry Tree Hill handpainted treasures — sock yarns!
***Picks merino 2 and 4 ply yarns. Don’t miss these!
ALL the Jo Sharp mohair still in the bags — in lovely colours
Misc. lace wools — a nice pile there…

Every ball or hank is stored wrapped, in pristine condition. Anything funky (luxury yarn oddballs) will be in the rummage basket…

Let’s face it — the stash is a fine collection, but it has to GO. So don’t miss the fun. I will be putting new stuff out each week of August, so come on by for a coffee, a rummage around, and a chat about your knitting. What’s on your needles?

Keep Knitting to stay warm!
mel, still stranded

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