Baby it's cold outside

But in the house, with pup and knitting, not so bad!

Stash Sale Deux: Ok — don’t fear — if you haven’t been by the sale table, there’s new and wonderful, first quality yarns left — so come by this weekend, have a coffee, and a donut or two (they’re fresh and delicious and I curse their existence), and feel free to check out the sale baskets.

From the dyeworks this week:

A new version of Think Global — in the Hemp and Wool — a bit livelier, with rose and a kickin’ smidge of light purple. New Colourway — blue/green, olive, orange, and charcoal. Definitely belongs in Sherwood Forest. Free hand cosie or hat pattern with a purchase of 1 hank of hemp and wool or sari wool.

Sock Wool: more of the Impressionist colours. They are tints, not baby pastels and have a range of purples, blues, greens, and a hint of red and pink — just a hint.

5ply and 8ply: a few hanks done like the sock wool — pale tints of florals.  A real contrast to the deep and bright colours in my soy and hempwool range.

More Nepalese Laceweight — not just for lace knitting tho’. Colourways: Silly Galah and McLaren Vale. These are still in the dyeworks, so you never know… There are also some Impressionists’ hanks of Nepalese Lace as well, but I’m not peeking!

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