*waving hi* and thanks!

Thank you to everyone who came by last weekend to check out the latest at SIOz. Vellan, our guest spinner was there to have a chat and spin some wool. This week, Kate is on deck — come on down, have a look at the latest yarns, fibres, designs, and tools, and have a chat with Kate. She’s a knitting knut like the rest of us!

Mel in Yankland: never mind the politics, there are Wool Festivals to attend! I’ve listed the festivals Stranded In Oz will be at — this year, I’m sharing a stall with my sister, Bitsy, from Bitsy Knits. You won’t want to miss what we’ve got in store this year — sneaky hint — you have GOT TO get a hold of some of Bitsy’s knitter’s jewelery. Got a friend who’s a fiber freak? Need to wear your addiction on your sleeve literally? Come check us out.

The listings are in my previous post.

Thanks as always for your support of my business. I hope you knit, crochet, spin, weave, stitch something wonderful this week.

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