It's a twistah!

… or something like it last Saturday — the wind howled and blew through the market in Easton! Tents flew — it was rather dramatic. But we had fun anyway. So thank you so much to the knitters and fibre addicts who came by to say hello. This Saturday, there will be:

Hand-painted merino (fingering wt and dk wt and lace) as well as various weights of handspun. And a new batch of sock yarn. In addition, there are a few Chuppah Whorl spindles — the last until I get back to Port Adelaide.

And thanks again to the knitters in Adelaide for their continued support. I know it’s getting hot, but that doesn’t seem to stop you!

Can’t resist — a photo of Angel, my sister’s angora bunny! Isn’t she beautiful? Angel is v. sweet and an excellent pet. Her fave place is on Beth’s lap. Awwww.
CU at the market(s).

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