Northern AND Southern Hemisphere Markets!

Hello from Maryland — still kicking — painting, knitting, and writing, in the US of A.

SIOz update: while the market at Port Adelaide is still going strong — thank you to the people who came by and had a chat and a browse with Vellan, the spinning maven, I’ll be in the Northern Hemisphere at:

The Easton Farmers Market, Easton MD, for the next 3 Saturdays –

There’s be some hand-painted wool, some beautiful spinning fibre, and spindles to play with. Fingers crossed, the weather should be ok this weekend!

Happy spinning and knitting to all the SIOz customers! Let us know how you are getting on and if you have any queries, keep the email coming to strandedinoz AT gmail DOT com.

Other bits: I’ll be heading off the Stitches for a look at the newest gear for knitting addicts. There are some awesome tools on offer and yes, they’ll be coming back to Oz with me, have no fear!

CU at the market(s). Melissa

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