Greetings from Port Adelaide

Dear Fibre Fans:

I’m writing to you from the Port Adelaide Public Library — the home office ADSL is busted — so I’m in the middle of a busy Weds am at the Library. Quite comfy and friendly really.

Good News: the forecast for Sunday is 25C, so it should be quite pleasant down at the Port River. Come on by for a chat and a pat of the latest lot of wool — including some lovely….

NON-MULSED aran-weight/10ply equivalent pure wool from Peru. I couldn’t resist dyeing it.
This was a limited run of sample skeins. I would love feedback regarding, as I hate to use an overseas wool for this weight of yarn, but I also don’t want to support mulsed sheep producers. It’s a real bind for me ethically. What do you reckon?

Colours this week:

McLaren Vale (vineyard colours) – wines, olive greens, and browns (pictured below in the boucle — sorry, that skein is sold)

Little John (deep orange, greens, browns, and greyish blues)

Queen Anne’s Garden (pinks/reds/purples with a touch of the garden stem and leaf colours) (pictured as the roll of hand-painted top in the sidebar)

SIOz colourways are colour groups — each run is unique in that there are different blends of the colourways, depending mostly on the season. I dye using natural light and take inspiration that way. As with many fibre artists, mood and customer requests play a part as well.

If you see something on display that you like, I am happy to do additional runs, but no too are identical.

Keep those needles and hooks going! Melissa, SIOz

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