New Banana Palm Silks and Spinning Fibres

By request, I’ve dyed a run of Moonta (brown with an orangy ochry tinge) and Phantom (like the comic character purple — this mix is v. hot) Banana Palm Silk for this week’s market, provided the weather cooperates and it dries nicely today.

The run of wool dyeing is progressing with Friar Tuck (br owns and oranges with touches of green) and others on the way — they’re be ready for shipping this coming week.

The spinning fibres as listed in the previous post are ready to purchase. If you can’t get to market, as always, just ring or email and they’ll be yours.

Re-stocks of coloured sheep wool, including the kits for A Coloured Sheep Shawl ($95), are now available. The kit contains a veritable mountain of yarn and comes with pattern, a shawl pin and stitch markers. The yarn is sourced from small producers, usually from SA, but not always, depending on availability and is not chemically treated. Some of the yarns still contain lanolin, which is so nice to knit with. There are 3ply and 5ply kits available as well as some yarn that is a 4ply. The pattern is written for 3 and 5, but can easily be knitted in any weight desired.

Thank you to everyone who has ordered shawls kits — and the pattern.

For Ravel-ers — mention your Ravelry name and receive a 10% discount on Sheep Shawl kits.


February Tofutsies Club Sock $24.95 (yarn and pattern+free postage)

CU at the Port — M

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