Kewl Market

Just returned from the Organics and Healthy Living Market in Brighton and it was so nice. Got my fruit and veg, some yummy organic bread, and some organic tortilla chips for hubby snacks. Make a note in your diary that the next Brighton market is the FIRST Thursday of April.

And make sure check out Think Global — you can buy online from their website or check out the lovely shop in Hove, SA. Luci stocks SIOz recycled fibres — so if you can’t wait til Sundays she is a stockist.

Hello and thank you to the customers who ventured down to Brighton to buy SIOz fibres and yarns. Lovely to meet you all. Saw some familiar faces, which was really great.

The new dyelots of Hemp and Wool (30/70) are ready for this Sunday’s market:There’s a blue/purple semi-solid, Sherwood Forest and Think Global (in honour of Luci Keats’ shop, Think Global) will be for sale $8.00 per 50gms. Think Global is the colourway I used in my Ravelry photo of the Hemp and Wool Dueling Beanie. As always, there are free hand cosy and beanie patterns available.

The Robin Hood Sock Series is ON– hanks of Friar Tuck and Sherwood Forest in premium Italian sock wool ($25.00AU for 100gms) are ready for sale – LIMITED QUANTITIES OF THESE LOTS.

This is a luxury sock wool (75/25) and is gorgeously soft and thin. I prefer to paint 80/20 (wool/nylon ratio), but am picky about the quality. This yarn is superior to some of the 80/20 samples I’ve recently obtained. Depending on customer feedback, I will make this a regularly stocked yarn. Hey, isn’t the few extra dollars worth the better sock yarn? I think so and most of you have said the same. I’ve made handknitted socks that have lasted 20 yrs — no lie — but made from the bestest wool.  

Other yarns from the dyetable this week:

Way Over the Rainbow 2ply laceweight wool — the soft and squishiest I’ve got in stock. I can’t bring myself to rewind this hank of 220gms yet. $15.75AU per 50gm or $55.45  for the entire hank. 

Way Over the Rainbow Close-Up

Serendipity Blue in laceweight premium Italian superwash wool 

$7.50 per 25gm/140m hank this yarn is so soft, it should be illegal

I don’t usually dye superwash, unless it’s sock yarn, but sometimes I get asked to paint some, so here you go. 

CU at the PORT

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