New Sari Silks

Here’s the first  installment of the new recycled sari silk yarns ($10.50 per 100gms) — fresh from the spinners themselves. There’s also a nice pile of RECYCLED SARI SILK FIBRE ($10.00 per 100gms) for people who love to felt and/or spin. It’s going fast, so email, ring or come by on Sunday to get some!

Red and Purple Sari Silk —  this one is the most recycled of recyled and contains pure sari silk as well as misc. other fibres that get shoved into the mix, such as viscose and recycled bits of other fabrics. It is lovely and purpley red

Mixed Colours — I call it Exploded Lorikeets — it’s a killer

And at the front of the above photo is a newer purple with green recycled fibre yarn — like the red and purple, this one is a bit of everything.

At the right back is a hank of my new hand-painted banana palm silk — I’m calling it… Smooshed Fairyland. If my friends V and Kate can call a yarn Minced Unicorn, I can call this one Smooshed Fairyland. Yup, you can buy multi-coloured banana palm silk from others, but you won’t get these colours cuz I mix and paint them right here in Port Adelaide.

The black sari silk doesn’t photograph well. It’s so black, it is hard to describe. A goth chick would think it’s too black. My photos came out grayish charcoal, which just doesn’t do the stuff justice. But if you want BLACK — it’s here.

Thank you to everyone who ordered this week! Keep those colour requests coming.

There’s  a Monday holiday this weekend, so I’ll be at the Port for 2 whole days. Come on by, grab some donuts, a coffee from the nice Man U supporter outside, and come in to check out all the new fibres and yarns.

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