Thank you all the knitters and spinners

Hi all — back from a full-on 2 days at the Port Markets. Special thanks to the intrepid soy yarn fans who came by and decided they needed 1) spinning supplies, and 2) soy vest(s). The kits have been claimed, amd I’ll be posting photos as the new kits go up for sale.  This can also be made in hand-painted wool or cotton, but the soy gives it a lovely drapey fit.

Make your own freeform soy (+other fibres) vest. Kit includes enough yarn to make a vest (hand-painted soy yarn, as well as some real beauties like Kollage Cornucopia, or their unreal merino/bamboo, and some other gorgeous yarns for texture and interest. Kits are $70.00 for the basic and more, depending on how outrageous you want to get. Needles, and a project bag are included.

I’ve reserved some wild ribbons and fun fibres from overseas (not available in stores here) for just this purpose. This simple design started as a piece I enjoy knitting and so many of you want to make your own, it’s morphed into a kit. Each is unique — often containing a serendipity mix of colours on the soy. You won’t see anyone else with your vest.

The Potter Vest [sold]

(Cheryl Potter’s CTH Hand-Painted Cotton [left panel],

soy dk, organic cotton, silk/cotton, and mis. viscose luxury yarns)

Basic SWTC Oasis Soy Vest with Sari Silk Accent – apologies for old feral photo!

And thank you to the lace knitter who purchased one of my favourite colour runs of the merino wool lace — so soft and squishy — in a rose floral. I think there are at least 3 different reds blended in there, with some pinks and oranges, and just a dash of stemmy brown to catch the garden feel. Can’t wait to see what she knits with it!

And a hello to the nice person with the gorgeous green felted cap — I didn’t get a chance to chat with you! If it was too crowded in the market stall (we were having a bit of loud fun at that stage), my apologies — I hope you come back for an extra long grope of fibre some time soon. 

The entire lot (except for a scrap of dark periwinklish blue) of the new Nepalese felters/spinners wool that was dyed up for the weekend is GORN. Thank you so much for the positive response to it. I am kicking myself for not taking a photo when it was out drying. A rainbow of snakes hanging in my garden. 

Spinning Fibre: There’s still: 1 lot of pale greens in the organic merino top that’s ready to go. V. experimental colour — in a kind of citrine/celery. Spins up like a dream. Soooooo soft.

And 1 lot of McLaren Vale sliver — approx 200gms.

CU at the Port! M 

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