Thursday Market — March 19th in Brighton

SIOz AT Organic and Healthy Living Market: 9:30am to 12:30 am at the Masonic Hall, 1 Commercial Street, Brighton. Entry is FREE.

SIOz yarns and fibres will be there — so if you are finding it difficult the get to the Port Markets on a Sunday, come on by. And if there is something you are wanting in particular, ring me on 83410213 or email to make sure I have what you want on the Thursday. I won’t have my full display as this is a once-a-month market at the moment. But there will be lots of GOOD FIBRE for sale.

Here’s a peek: some nice and squishy premium dk merino in a purple/red colourway — serendipity skeins. $10.00AU per 50gm hank.

Below is the first run of a new 2ply and 4ply Australian Coloured Sheepwool — it’s not treated with any chemicals, except for the acid dye process. The next colour runs will be in McLaren Vale (vineyard colours) and Semaphore (water colours): hank below is a 2ply (50gms, $15.00.

Semaphore Dark 2ply CSW

Thank you to everyone who came by the market on Sunday. Hello to the travelers from Sydney — it was lovely to meet you. Hey to Kaz and her daughter, who are going to be spinning everything in sight soon! Wheeeeeeeee! Look out — Kaz does amazing bobbin lace and plans to spin her own fibres for it. Wow.

A note about yarns and fibres from SIOz – sometimes a customer will inquire for a yarn that I don’t dye — like plain solid colours. I love to dye semi-solids from time to time but for a fine quality solid-coloured wool, I recommend a trip to Barb’s Sew and Knits in Byron Street, Glenelg. Barb has the new season’s colours — a wall of shelves full of new Zara and Zarina– superb Italian wool. So if you are looking for a good 8ply wool that is worth your time and effort knitting, go to Barb’s. And no, she doesn’t pay me to advertise, she just has lovely wool and you know you NEED some!

I am particularly fond of dyeing hanks to coordinate with commercial wools (it’s a dyer’s challenge), so don’t be shy — bring your yarn and pick out a hand-painted hank to complete the project. I have designs specifically for this purpose. And if I don’t have the right colourway in stock, I’m happy to dye to suit. If you like, I am able to hand-dye the same yarn, provided the undyed version is available. Prices depend on the cost of the yarn to be dyed.

The carded recycled sari silk fibre, $10.00AU per 100gm, continues to be popular. Spin it as is, or use it like cayenne pepper and add it here and there for effect. For felters and embroiderers, you have got to try it!

Artwear Kits: there are more available now — all those pictured in previous posting have GOODIES in them. I mean, yarn surprises and other cool stuff. You’ll seriously kick yourself if you pass one up — customers have come back the following week to buy them after the first viewing. I DID warn ‘em.

Colours available: hot red (pictured), floral (pictured), autumn (pictured), cool greens/blues (including some v. groovy alt. fibres you can’t find in the shops here and hand-painted SIOz wool), and muted neutral kit with a touch of light purple and sedate green (it’s a wowser). Prices range from $70.00 to $90.00AU depending on the size needed for garment and yarns included.

CU at the markets. m

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