Colours of the week

ello and happy Friday. This week’s dye runs include:

Colours drying:

serendipity blues, serendipity purples (autumnal version), Sherwood Forest, and a nice big run of a wild, but darker version of Way Over the Rainbow (in a thinnish, supersquishy premium 8ply merino — love this one for socks).  

There are also some luxury skeins thrown into the mix — cuz that’s just part of the fun. The colour runs are mixed — different types of yarns in the one colourway. I’m always intrigued by how different fibres take the dye in their own ways.  

laceweight silks(I got distracted by its sheen) $15.00AU  for 50gm — serendipity colours — some very pale shades as well as a darker, wilder hanks in foresty colours. 

hemp and wool (including a new Robin Hood colourway) $8.00AU for 50gm Ok, so normally I don’t get all cute with the yarn names, but this group of colours got stuck early on with the theme, so I’m sticking with it.  They’re inspired by the sensitive, new age, criticise the war in Iraq BBC series. 

cashmere/baby alpaca/merino 4ply in serendipity colours (mostly blues) $15.00AU for 25gm


VERY REDS cashmere/silk laceweight 50gm $30.00

The red cashmere silk is what’s left from a design project. I wanted to see how the yarn would take colour, so into the dyelot it went. It’s 50/50 so it isn’t super squishy like pure cash, but it has real strength to it. There are also hanks of 8ply that went into this lot. 

alpaca/merino laceweight 2ply $17.50AU per 50gms

The pinks/greens/blues in these hanks really scream HAPPY YARN. They’re not my usual colours, but I was inspired to paint them just the same. You can’t have too much colour. 

The banana isn’t finished from the set yet and I fear will not be dry for Sunday, but there are still some hanks left including, deep red, persimmons and moonta (orange/brown) as well as the luxury sari silks (they’re just wicked).

For the Sunday market — more unadvertised specials. All sorts of goodies in the treasure bin.

CU at the Port Markets. 

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