gulley gushers!

While I type this message, it continues to piss down with rain. It’s so unusual here in SA that it’s like I’ve dropped onto another planet. Glorious rain!

Not to fear, the wool will just take longer to dry this week — but that’s ok. 

Thank you to the fab knitters and spinners who braved the crazed weather and got to the Port Markets yesterday. Note to the person who purchased some Nepal thin singles — this one just didn’t get into your shopping bag, so do email or ring and it will go straight into the post! So sorry that happened – it’s my fault. Went a-looking in the market for you, but you’d left. The yarn is safely tucked away.

The sock yarn is on the menu for this Sunday, so keep your eyes peeled for late in the week for pictures. 

Dyelots in Way Over the Rainbow, McLaren Vale, Queen Anne’s Garden, and Purples and a few surprises…

Stay in, drink tea, knit. Pat the dog and cat now and then. 


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