Wow — rain forecast — for more than 1 day in Adelaide. RAIN! until Monday. 

Good news: the banana palm silks are almost dry and will be ready for sale this week. There are new colours, including a decidedly jewel tone that looks like something from New Orleans. MARDI GRAS! There are hanks in bluish grey, 2 different greens, “New Orleans”, and 2 different forest colourways — browns and a browns/green/grey.  Autumn has an inpact on me.

Stay tuned for how dry I can get the wool for this weekend’s market!

Not to worry, as the yarn that wasn’t ready for sale last weekend is def. ready — 

Soy DK in semi-solid pale pinks ($15.00AU per 100gm hank)

blue/grey/black alpaca-merino-cashmere $15.00AU per 25gm hank

autumn reds/purples laceweight — front hank 2ply merino $30.00AU  per 100gms

Like last week, there are market-only specials — including the oddball bin of fab fun fibre to play with. BARGAINS — most are $2.50 per ball — especially chosen for their fun factor, quality and affordability. These are not old stash, but direct from the mill. Included in the mix is an angora blend that knits into great thick socks. Seriously, come have a look.

There is also the regular oddball bin of assorted luxury yarn that, when I find it at a good price, I get and pass on the savings to you. There are, hard to believe, a few yarns left from the great purchasing trip of 2008 (translate as raiding Stitches). One clever knitter has been raiding the supply steadily. Thank you!

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