Some photos of spindles I’m building this week — there are new Chuppahs on the way… even mini-Chuppahs which are great for lace and cotton spinning. Seriously good fun!

Yellow and Blue Trippy Chuppah Top Whorl Spindle $25.00AU

New Darth Vader Chuppah Whorl – Unbuilt $25.00AU 

request top or bottom whorl construction

Pink and Blue Girlie Chuppah Bottom Whorl Spindle $25.00AU 

Yellow Gemstone Spindle $20.00AU adjustable

All spindles are guaranteed and come with a puff to get you spinning. The Chupppahs are made from premium polymer clay and handmade. Spindle shafts are oak with wire hooks. If you prefer a notch to a hook, that’s fine too.

I’ve noted on my webpage — these spindles were born out of frustration (couldn’t fine one I liked) and are now labours of love. I enjoy each one that I make and am happy and sad to see them leave the workshop. The Chuppahs just make me smile. 

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