Dyelots drying:

New pure merino singles in blues/purples $30.00AU per 100gms. This is the merino single laceweight you’ve been asking for.

Italian 100% superwash wool for socks $15.00AU per 50gms — this week’s colourway is Dark Rainbow – think Grateful Dead colours for your feet. Trippy Maaaan.

Merino 8ply (thin) great for socks $9.00AU per 50gms. I’ve reprised a Dark McLaren Vale in a variation of the purples — it’s gorgeous.

Nepal Laceweight — in Dark McLaren Vale and Queen Anne’s Garden. $10.00AU per 50gms

It’s cloudy and dark at present — so decent photos pending.

New Chuppah Whorl and gemstone spindles are ready for sale. Most have oak shafts with polycoating for good wear and abuse.  There are a few lightweight gemstone spindles with pine shafts (ran out of oak!) and those are less expensive.

CU at the markets! Mel

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