From the Dyetable This Week

McLaren Vale (vineyard colours) 100% Superwash Merino 4ply sock wool $15.00AU per 50gm hank. This one is a bit dearer as it is pure merino milled in Italy with that super high twist. V. luxurious.

Serendipity 8ply Australian wool (untreated): 100gms=$20.ooAU in Little John (greens/blues with a touch of orange and this time, purple) and a wild skein of blues/greens with purple and grey. They’re put up in 200gm hanks so if you want a full hank for a jumper, this is it.

Hand-Dyed Handspun Hemp and Aloo– a new batch in Machine Gun (a blue/gray). These fibres are fantastic for weaving, crochet, and knitting — great for working with a softer yarn to make stronger bags, as in the Banana Smoothy Bag from Yarn Mag. $10.00AU per 100gm hank

Hand-Dyed Handspun Aloo — in Puna (purple). I thought I’d be clever and put some hemp in the mix — WOW! Talk about chemical reactions — the dye went DARK. It’s fabulous, but not the normal light purple Puna! Sorry folks, but this is a very sinister purple. You’ll love it. 

Hand-Painted Handspun Banana Palm Silks – serendipity purple and ochre red as well as a serendipity multi-colour in purples with Machine Gun. $10.00AU per 100gm hank.

Thank you to all the mum’s who came by the Port Markets on Sunday! I especially loved meeting the couple who brought their very sweet mum in to buy sock wool.  It’s good to meet sock knitters, young and old! Mum preferred the regular navy wool, while daughter went for the enticing hank of Sherwood Forest. Their feet will be well-clad this winter.

A big thanks as well to Raphael — who came by to display some FAB BAGS in recycled sari silks and a bag I’m coveting — it’s crocheted aloo! It will, I have no doubt, last forever. R is a keen crocheter and I’m always eager to see what he’s created. Must remember camera for his next visit.

Spinning: the new shipment of spinning fibre is on the way, so please stay tuned for its arrival. I will be posting pricing when it’s ready for purchase. 

CU at the markets. M

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