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In addition to my regular Sundays at the Port Fishermen’s Wharf Markets, I’ll be at the Organic and Healthy Living Market in Brighton — at the Masonic Hall, this Thursday from 9-12:30. There’s a fantastic organic coffee service there — so come have a look at the natural yarns I’ll be featuring and have a great cup of coffee! Oh, and there’s organic fruit and veg, earth-friendly stuff for your household, lots of stuff for babies and kids, and some fab products from Think Global (Hove). 

Thank you to everyone who came by for yarn and fibre yesterday — I look forward to seeing what comes off your needles and spindles as the winter approaches. There are some incredibly talented people here in Adelaide. And for those who are just getting started playing with wool? Enjoy the first efforts — they’re some of the most fun! Yeah, you’ll drop your spindle, your stitches, your hooks and needles, but hey, you’ll also pick up plenty too. A special hello to Peggy, who came by to have a quiet browse and went home with some hand-painted wool to make her grandson, Thomas, a new jumper. She hasn’t knitted in years, but she’s BACK. Can’t wait to see what she knits!

This week from the dyetable: more wool — there’s a war of extremes waging — the thick beautiful handspun is arguing with the lovely merino thin singles — dye me first each says! Guess I’ll just have to dye both! It may be time to paint Semaphore, my oceany, mermaidy colourway. A version for winter is on the way –  Dark Semaphore. Same colours in deeper tones, with a bit of dark seaweedy purple in the mix.

Semaphore Colourway shown in Summer Soy Version

Also, more purples and reds to come. They have disappeared from the market somehow. Ooops. Can’t forget the request for more floral colourways, so there’ll be a few serendipity hanks — for fun!

Enjoy the rain here in Adelaide. CU at the markets, M

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