This Week’s Dyelots and Specials

Note as of May 29th: sunny day forecast not to be. Still cloudy and yarn, well, just still a bit damp. I don’t like to do anything to hurry up the drying process so I continue to wait ’til it’s READY. Apologies to those waiting for wool. Tomorrow forecast: sunny!  

Customer Requests For:

McLaren Vale — Special Vintage — for the purple-lover. MV without the green. I’ll be dyeing up some Aussie Coloured Sheepwool and some handspun in this blend. If you have a hankering for something in particular, drop me an email or ring and I’ll add your yarn to the dye lot.

Serendipity Gelati Colours in the new chunky handspun from Nepal. Pure, handspun wool — quick knitting on 10.00mm needles! This one is a blend of gelati colours — or a bright English garden, depending on how you look at it — think pinks, reds, and a touch of blue. Kids look great in it. Big kids too.

In addition to the above colourways, I’ll be dyeing more winter-weight yarns and fibres. The sock yarn stocks are severly depleted, thanks to the McLaren Vale colourway fans. The next dyelot request is for my watercolour blues and greens, which I haven’t painted in a while.

Spinning Fibre: Just arrived: soy, bamboo, organic merino, and organic merino/soy top.  Colour suggestions are already coming in — stay tuned as the top is dried and photographed.

Bamboo for weavers, machine knitters, and lace addicts: the shipment of new bamboo 2/10 and 2/20 is on its way. 

Thank you to eveyone who came to the Port on Sunday, including Audrey, the spinner/knitter! You go with those socks! Can’t wait to see what you create. Wheeeeeeeee!

A v. special hello to the man who came by, saw one of the painted silk velvet scarves on display and immediately put it on his Beloved. So Romantic. It looked as though I had painted it just for her! Def. the right colour. Wear it in good health and I hope you both had a great time at the Port Markets. As the weather gets cooler I’ll be painting more silk velvet. It’s divine. Regular silk velvet scarves $40.00AU and $49.00-$59.00AU for the larger stoles.

CU at the markets, Melissa

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