What's on the drying racks


Semaphore: in thick handspun, lace handspun, and hemp and wool (think oceans at winter)

Floral: A cooler weather blend of red-pink and a bit of grey, purple, and a touch of leaf green. This is put up in thick handspun and lace handspun

Sherwood Forest: replenishment of the hemp and wool in this colourway. 

Serendipity blend: bluey-green in lace handspun and baby alpaca


2 X lots of nepalese spinning/felting fibres — blues/greens, and a wild blend of McLaren Vale (vineyard colours).

Looking forward to a nice sunny day tomorrow for drying. 

Aloo: still waiting, as the chemical man stuffed my order — “No, I said sodium carbonate. NOT sodium bicarbonate.” I was not a happy dyer.

It had to go back to mister chemical man. *sigh* Someone didn’t take chemistry in high school… It doesn’t help that the chemicals are packaged in the same colour and size. DOH! 

Never mind: the lot of blue/grey hemp is ready for purchase $10.00 for 100 gm. This hemp benefits from the dye process. What starts as very hard-to-handle handspun turns into quite nice hemp for knitting, crochet, braiding. Pure, handspun hemp at a fair price and FAIRLY TRADED!

CU at the Port!

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