It's everywhere!

Yarn that is. And it’s all gotta get finished! 

Just a note to say that the 3rd Thursday in June will be my last Brighton Market until I return from overseas. I will be keeping my shop at the Port Markets whilst I travel — with the help of some very special people. You’ll be able to fondle and purchase SIOz yarns here.

Silk scarves — I’ll be having new ones finished as I do the cellulose dye runs. To conserve dye and water, I only run silk velvet when there’s a full dyelot. There’s a WICKED RED silk velvet scarf on the drying rack as I type. This one isn’t the bright red, but the bloody, dark winey red. And yes, I’ve dyed some banana silk with it! With little time to knit, it is pure torture looking at that yarn.

Pictures when yarn is dry.

Cheers and thanks, M 

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