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serendipity floral 8ply Aussie Wool

Thank you to everyone who came by to buy yarn and fibre on Thursday at the Brighton Market. Due to gentle pestering, I will make another appearance there on the 1st Thursday of July — the last time I’ll be there before Bendigo and pts beyond.

The winter floral colourways are coming along and there will be plenty for Bendigo and the SS. Pictured in this entry are a coupla teasers — apologies, but they were snatched up as soon as I had them out for purchase. Not to fear — there will be more.

Special thanks to the fab spinner knitter wearing the GORGEOUS banana palm silk vest!!! OMG — it’s fabulous. And of course, I was an idiot and left the camera at home. EMAIL piccies please and I will post them on le blog.

Also on show — a v. cute little boy’s hat, complete with pompoms. I stared at him as he walked around the market, thinking, gee, that hat is so cute — wonder what yarn it is. And DOH! yeah, it was knitted in SIOz yarn. Honestly, I paint a lot of yarn, so excuse my brainfart. Damn, that hat is cute. It was knitted in a serendipity version of Way Over the Rainbow — I took artistic license with the versions of the colours that day. Must paint some more!

I’m in full-on show-dyeing mode so if you have a custom colour request, ring or email me tout suite and it will get put on the whiteboard schedule.

The webpage will be changing in preparation for my show season — as always, the latest photos will be posted on the blog — including show product previews.

8ply merino in winter floral (bg) and

pure merino singles (front)

Happy knitting and as always, thank you for purchasing SIOz yarns, designs and fibres.

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