Thank you from Port Adelaide

*waving hello* Well, the 12:30 start for the footy made for a quiet day at the Port Markets, but that didn’t seem to stop the intrepid spinners, knitters, weavers from venturing out on a not-to-bad day. Sun managed an appearance too.

The stockpile for BSW and SS grows — I’ll be posting sneak peeks eventually, but hey, you’ll just have to stop by to see what is in store. 

Thank you to Leslie — knitter and yarn gourmet. Her visit included CHOCOLATE, so she gets major kudos for good culinary and wool taste.

A big hello and nice to meet you to Lucy from VIC, who says she’ll be up at Bendigo. Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to say hello next month. She advised she and her keen knitter friends won’t be up in Bendigo til the afternoon and this was a strong reminder that I need to reserve some sock yarn for later arrivals. The sock yarn stockpile was massacred early in the Friday last year and I spent the week following Bendigo sending out sock orders.  Not complaining, but figure, hey, you go all the way to the show, you want your yarn RIGHT AWAY!

Several customers came by to discuss dye brands. I don’t discuss the brand(s) I use, because I find everyone has a personal preference. I am a firm believer in buying a crapload of different dyes and finding the one that suits your eyes, your dye method, and your wallet. And since I don’t get paid for advertising, I’ll say no more.  If any dye houses want free advertising, they can contact me *laugh*

CU at the markets. 

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