New Gemmie Spindles for the Market and Bon Voyage

Hello from packing central. On my way to the Sock Summit, with a detour to the DC area to collect Mum and see the gorgeous nephews. The house looks like something exploded, but it’s all good.

A special thanks to:
Audrey, Leslie, Eric, Raphael and everyone who came by to say g’day and to wish me luck in my US adventures. I’ll be traveling with BitsyKnits for the Autumn fests — so look out for a very large mobile home (VERY UNGREEN!) :-( — with two spinners outside having a glass of wine under the easyup. *laugh*

Thank you to Caryl and her girls — can’t wait to see what’s been spun and knitted whilst I’m away from Adelaide.

The new website is under construction — I think I may see sweat forming on Richard’s brow.

New Gemstone spindles: They are ready — I stopped playing with wool and made a fair number — some real beauts, including the blueberry quartz one (not for beginners!) and a couple of lovely pink Rhodonite spindles. I recommend trying them out before buying. They’re all Tasmanian Oak, finished with poly coating, with sturdy hooks. If you’d like to mail order one, the photos will be up on the page as soon as possible. I am trying to get enough together for the SS, but it will depend on what I can get through weight-wise in the baggage!

Thanks again to all my customers — the market is fully stocked with the latest colours and wools.

Here’s who I’ll be missing:
This is Lyta, who as you can see, is getting ready to disembowel her new squirrel. I love the Grommitty look on her face! I miss her terribly when I travel, but she’ll be fine getting spoiled by partner R.

CU at the Sock Summit — SIOz Booth 516b

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