…to everyone who came by at the Bendigo Sheep and Wool Show to buy SIOz yarns and fibres. Your talent and enthusiasm make it all worthwhile. Can’t wait to see what you make!

Special thanks to V., who made it possible for me to stay in one piece. She was the person spinning on her Kiwi wheel at my booth. 

It’s prep time for the Sock Summit so excuse if the blog goes a little more slowly in the next few weeks. 

My last in-the-flesh visit to the Port Adelaide Fishermen’s Wharf Markets is this Sunday and I’ll be bringing plenty of yarn and fibre to fondle. If you are in Adelaide, do come by for a bon voyage day! There will be special preview hanks of my Sock Summit yarns and fibres.

Eric Corbin, a local fibre artist, is minding my yarns and fibres while I work overseas. He will be, in addition to selling my work, selling his own creations. Thank you to Eric for being there!

CU at the Port and pts beyond, M.

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