New Gemstone Spindles on their Way

Hi Spindlers: a quick hello and note to say that the shipment will leave the US on Monday — new supply of gemstone spindles, with lovely polycoated shafts. All oak with semi-precious gemstone whorls. They should get to Oz in a week or so. I will make sure I get confirmation when they arrive. All are priced at $30.00AU per spindle and come with 100gms of hand-painted Australian merino top (that’s a BONUS people!), as the top retails for $15.00. Buy a spindle and have enough wool to spin some lace or sock wool — 100gms is plenty!

There are 6 spindles on the way. If you’d like to reserve one, email me at melissa AT strandedinoz DOT com and I’ll put your name and email addy on the list.

Spindles: 2 are what look to me like raptor skin (yellow-green and black jadeish), there are 2 blue and clear quartz spindles (not for the beginners), 1 gorgeous light green aventurine, and a lovely dark jasper spindle.

Thank you so much for your interest in my spindles and keep ‘em spinning!

Webpage: still on the construction end, but it is running. If you need more information, email and we’ll (I or Richard) will get back to you, generally within 24 hrs.

Next installment of yarn:
The shipments from SWTC and Nepal are on the way and restocking for Oz — spring and summer — and new fall yarns for US of A will be available shortly. There are new custom sari silks (some real wowsers) and more carded sari fibre for spinners (I bought all that was left in the workshop!).

In the meantime, the 4ply premium merino is available for shawls, socks, and garments of every type.

A Coloured Sheep Shawl: For US customers, the yarn is back in stock. Pre-orders will ship tomorrow. Thank you so much for your interest. I couldn’t help it — I have included in the kits some nice goodies (surprises). There is 1 more kit available in the 3ply CSW. There is also a gorgeous 4ply CSW available to make a slightly larger and warmer version.

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