Back Home in Oz

G’day from Port Adelaide, SA. After a few weeks offline (Fall Fiber Frolic, PA, then a fun weekend at the Easton Waterfowl Festival with Yarns and Co — thanks Gail and Ann), I’m back home with Richard and Lyta.
It was an awesome trip. I’d like to report a holiday, but nup. It’s already summer here in Oz and that means cellulose season. So onward with banana silk, soy, bamboo, and a pile of cotton to be painted.
The fibre and yarn from overseas will arrive in the next few weeks, so do check back here and the webpage for updates stock. There are spindles that will be loaded to the online shop. And lots more.
Tomorrow, Sunday, is my first day back at the Port Adelaide Fishermen’s Wharf Markets. Last week? Closed early to the horrendous heat. That was one Sunday I am relieved I was not present. Going from lovely cool autumn to 43 degrees in 1 day was a shock!
Sincerely thanks to my Australian stockists — willing to put up with delivery delays from overseas. Thanks especially to Near and Far, Cygnet TAS, for their love of SIOz hemp and wool, a yarn near and dear to my knitter’s heart.

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