Bunting and Kollage Needles and Hooks in Stock

Baby Bunting:

Thanks so much for the positive feedback for the new SIOz design in YARN — A Lamb in Possum Clothing. I’ve sold out in the US of my copies, but they’re available from the YARN website directly. And there are copies in stock at my Port Adelaide retail (upstairs, at the Birkenhead Bridge end of the market)

Kollage Needles and Hooks: Due my travel schedule, I’ve got a manual ordering system for Kollage Needles and Hooks at present. They are moving in and out of stock too quickly to post them online at present. Thank you for your enthusiastic use!

In Stock:

Hooks – US F/3.75mm — 2 in stock; US J/6.00mm — 1 in stock
Circular Needles: 40″/100cm: US 0/2.00mm — 3 in stock; US 2/2.75mm — 1 in stock; US 7/4.5mm — 1 in stock; US 10/6.00mm — 1 in stock

DPN’s: US 0/2.00mm — 7″ — 3 in stock
DPN’s: US 0/2.00mm — 5″ — 3 in stock

On Order: UK8/US6/4.00mm new straight metal needles (nickel-free process on these)
And a restock of popular sizes in the circulars. Special Orders cheerfully accepted.
Email requests to melissa@strandedinoz.com

I’ll be at the Fall Fiber Frolic (see sidebar link) this weekend. Then, back to Easton, MD for the trunk show at Yarns and CO.

Cheers, and thanks, Melissa

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