Fibre Gone Wild?

The shipment of fibre and yarns has arrived from overseas. All sorts of goodies to temp you this holiday season. The website continues to lag behind my design and painting schedule. Up to date? Port Market will be restocked this Sunday.

What’s on offer?

Gurdy Run fibre: a gorgeous blend of alpaca, wool, and silk in MIDNIGHT, the blackest blue/purple I’ve ever seen. It is magnificent carded fibre, ready to spin. $25.00AU per 100gm. This fibre is PA-grown and processed from Lydia’s fleeces which are dyed, then carded to produce the most amazing blend of spinning fibre. Pricey? You betchya. Totally worth it! Very ltd quantities available. If you like this, I will order more!

Kraemer Roving: couldn’t resist a mill visit to Kraemer in Nazareth, PA. Brought back a small amount of their outstanding wool roving in a fabulous ombrey orange/brown. Very natural, very easy to spin. $18.00AU per 100gms. Had a lovely chat with the mill owner during the visit — we had a good laugh about me bringing wool back to Australia! Kraemer dyes their wool before spinning to create a beautiful, glistening blend of colour.

Kraemer Roving — photos of colourway don’t do it justice!

Roclans fibre: This is the lot of RUBY SLIPPERS and it’s the last of the year’s run. Kate has outdone herself this time. And yes, fibre is like Dorothy’s slippers! Just a hint of red angelina fibre in here. Wool from Kate’s award-winning flock of ramboullets. Ltd quantities in stock. $24.00AU per 100gms. Kate does her dye magic on her fleeces, then her friend Lydia works her carding wonders. This one is a killer and won’t last long.

Yarns for the Port shop: new stock of soy ribbon $19.00AU per 100gm hank; new stock of PURE ($12.00AU per hank) soy yarn (in stock: aqua, navy blue, marigold, and a v. nice latte colour) for my new design in YARN magazine, the RIDE THE WAVE skirt. Buy the SIOz kit for this project and get the pattern/mag for $5.00AU!

NEW STOCK of Pure Merino 4ply is here! These are my special runs from the US festival season and there’s almost nothing left; so, get in quick this Sunday if you want the best selection before they go online. $24.00AU per 100gm/360m hank, enough for a pair of adult women’s socks or the SIOz baby bunting design from Sept 2009 issue of YARN.

Back to sorting, pricing, and designing… CU at the PORT! Melissa

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