A Breath of Real Fresh Air

The weather shifted late Monday night. For those who read this blog from where it’s freezing (greetings!) it was so hot at the Market on Sunday, the electronic thermo read 50 degrees C. I felt as though my eyeballs were cooking like coddled eggs. Yup, left EARLY – the boss kicked us out. Apologies to A. and M. for not being there for you. I was looking forward to catching up with you!

Cool change, still not enough rain in South Australia. Never enough. 

Cool enough to take some photos of yarn and fibres. There’s quite a few, so I’ll post on several days.

First, some cotton ‘lace’– Kollage Yarn was kind enough to part with some cones of their now discontinued cotton “lace”. It’s more a 3-ply equivalent/light fingering. Tension is around 8-9 sts per inch on 2.25-2.50mm needle, bigger needles of course for lace knitting.  I’ve put this up in 2 colours at the moment — purples and blues dominate in this run.

cotton ‘lace’ in wild mixes $10.00 per 50gm

This yarn is perfect for making lightweight shawls and baby’s gifts.  It is just about the best quality cotton I’ve ever had in this weight. Here’s to hoping Kollage comes up with something just as fab next time around. I have no doubt they will. 

Some mixed lots of another colour, this time purples and greens with a dash of light brown (couldn’t resist a floral, right?). Below: cotton chenille (fine, 4-ply equiv) ($12.00AU per 50gm). This is pure cotton, not viscose and it is fabulous. The bottom photo is the natural cotton ($10.00AU) in the same colourway.

There’s a wee bit of milk and cotton (80%/20%) ($15.00) in a very light weight, in the wilder mix. This is Kollage Creamy — I couldn’t resist adding this fibre to the mix:

I’ll be loading these yarns onto the web shop after Sunday to give my loyal Adelaide customers a chance to fondle them before they go off into cyberspace. If you just… can’t… wait? Email me at melissa AT strandedinoz DOT com…

Stay tuned for fibre photos…

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