Cellulose Season

The sun is shining and that means I’m putting down the needles, picking up the brushes and banging on the pots again.

For those of you who think summer is def. for knitting, the sock and lace knitting are the over-all faves. Got some yarn and don’t know what to do with it? Bring your yarn and come up to the Port for some pattern chat — lots of options at SIOz to choose from.   

Just restocked: Kollage Circular Square Needles in popular lace-knitting and sock sizes. Great for shawls and long circ sock knitting. 


misc. 2 and 3ply lace yarns

Dyelots this week include:

Knitting: hand-painted cottons, viscose(s), and latte/cotton. All are luxury yarns in serendipity colours, done in mixed lots. Each colourway is done in a mixture of fibres and textures to inspire your fingers and eyes.  

aran-wt/10py cotton/viscose summer yarn in 2 colours $12.00AU/50gm

Included: a non-mercerised cotton lace you won’t want to miss! Great for crochet and knitting, and all manner of needlework.  This is a luxury cotton lace, hard to find, fab to work with.

While cellulose-based yarns are not as popular here in Australia as they are overseas, they are incredibly practical as well as inspirational — the variation in texture and type, plus the drape that viscose yarns, in particular, provide help to create new and interesting ways to think about what’s on your needles.  With the warmer weather Down Under, cellulose garments can be worn longer. Stay tuned for photos when the lots are finished and ready for sale.

New Lots of Soy DK Ribbon are available for summer projects. If you’ve read my blog, you’ll know I’m mad about soy fibre. This yarn is my first choice for children’s knits — it’s in fun colours and it’s machine-washable! Made from re-purposed soy (a by-product of the tofu manufacturing process) and so easy to wear here in Oz. 


New dyelots of handspun aloo (nettle) and hemp. The aloo is in a darker version of Puna (greyish purple) and the hemp? DEEP RED. These handspun yarns are hand-dyed and fantastic for reinforcing bags — such as the Banana Smoothie Bag (SIOz design from Yarn Magazine).


banana smoothie kit 2010 in Semaphore Soysilk SIOz HP and hemp $45.00AU includes mag with pattern!


The new lots of bamboo hand-painted top are curing at the moment. I’m dying (sorry!) to play with them, but am resisting. Just.

As always, spin, knit, and crochet in good health; and happiness to you and yours in the new year! m

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