Fibre Fun

Some top to play with for the summer. The first, soy top, is quite dark, so the photo might be a little hard to see. It’s a mix of purple, blacks, and a bit of dark rust.  Midnight Urban Decay. 

soy top in ‘midnight urban decay (50gm/$10.85)

The bamboo top is in 2 colourways: a bright bright set of rather happy colours and another version of Urban DecayIII with some black, grey, purple, and a deep gold. 

bamboo top (50gm/$15.75)

Due to the amount of time, water, and conditions used to create the hand-painted bamboo, I generally only paint this fibre once a year.  Here’s a sample of the Urban Decay III spun on a drop spindle and finished as a random 2ply:

I reckon 50-100gm is ample for a lace scarf or shawl project. 

CU at the markets and online. Mel

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