Happy Australia Day!

Special Green for Emerald City Shawl Kit (in the online shop)

Here’s to hoping you and yours have an excellent Aussie Day. I started the day with some Vegemite toast. Well,  I thought it was V-toast, but it turns out, I bought the wrong thing. Have a jar of Vegemite 2.0 which looks like whipped Veggie and doesn’t have ANY TASTE! Yeah, thanks Kraft foods. Look out in the UK. This is what happens when Kraft buys your fave food co. Anyway, I will be ringing the free call number tomorrow to complain and ask for a refund. Where’s the real Vegemite? It’s shocking. Even Lyta, my Kelpieweiler princess wouldn’t eat it. 

On a brighter note, I promised Lyta a sausage for dinner in honour of Australia Day.

Yarn: I’ve loaded more yarn onto the online shop, including most of what’s left of the purples and reds. One lovely nana-to-be bought a heap of them for a much-anticipated new grandchild. I can’t wait to see what she crochets with it — crocheted hand-painted purple baby blankie. Wow. 

The 2 kilos of aloo and hemp have already gone. No complaints from me, but it takes a lot of time to do those lots, so I have to schedule them quite a bit in advance, as I scour it, then soak it before dyeing. And yes, it is all done by me, by hand. Why do I do it? Because we’re addicted to it now. There’s so much inspiration from a hank of these yarns.  

Requested colours for the next lot are: Puna (light purple) and the return of Machine Gun (a deep gray/blue). 

Below is the updated mix of Devil’s Playground — I’m especially happy with this lot and see it as an updated Banana Smoothie Bag. Must paint some banana silk this week!

Jan 2010 Devil’s Playground Soy Ribbon DK (100gm/200+m $15.00)

SWTC and Kollage yarns: Kollage Luscious and SWTC Jezebel are in the online shop. Both are premium yarns and worth the little extra it costs. For a vegan-friendly sock yarn, you can’t do better than Luscious. I’ve had a number of customers not want Tofutsies due to its Chitin content (prawn/crab shell fibre), so this one is for them.  If you don’t see the colour you crave, email melissa AT strandedinoz DOT com and it can be ordered.

Jezebel is the lovely kettle-dyed 2ply merino from Uruguay. FREE pattern for a scarf or sock with purchase, both by SIOz for SWTC. 

CU at the Port, Melissa

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