Spin Happy, Knit Happy

It was a gorgeous day in Port Adelaide yesterday and the dolphins were swimming early. There was a nice strong breeze too – a far cry from last Sunday’s inferno conditions.

Thank you so much to the keen hand-spinners. It was nice to meet you and I look forward to seeing what’s on your spindles. There’s been a run again on gemstone spindles, so I’ll be making more this week. And I’ll be updating the online store accordingly. 

NOTE: most of the gemstone spindles are for spinning fine yarns, though every once in a while I’ll buy a suitable stone for a heavier spindle. Most of the spinners I’ve sold them to use their wheels for yarns they’ll be using for knitting garments or weaving. And of course, the widely-available in Oz Ashford wood spindles are great for heavier weight wools.

It’s also an aesthetic thing — a favourite gemstone to spin with adds to the experience. One customer requested rose quartz, as it is a stone she likes best. Good karma spinning.   

A Pretty Good Red: A mixed lot of a decidedly poppy red — 2ply (superwash), 8ply, 4ply premium merino, and a couple snazzy luxury mohair/wool boucles in there. 

8ply merino $20.00 100gm/feltable

reds/roses Emerald City Shawl Kit $80.00 complete

After many customer requests (thanks!) I’ve kitted up the EC kits with a substitute colour. Good thing too, as the 2009 EC dark teal is now officially retired from EC-land. This kit is now chock full of goodies and includes shawl pin, stitch markers, needles, pattern, and a big pile of premium, low-micron merino yarn. 

Total Urban Decay 4ply permium merino 100gm/$24.00

Many requests to go to the dark side have produced this black, which is decidedly decayed and has a lovely rusty edge. For the goth in us all. It just doesn’t photograph all that well — tried in several different lights and locations. Think charcoal black soot. 

Happy knitting and spinning. CU at the markets. Melissa

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