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New SIOz design, Juliet,  from SWTC in Tranquility, a fab blend of fine wool (70%) and bamboo. This yarn is so lovely, has a fabulous hand. The front has a ribbed bodice, while the upper back is a continuation of the cabled stitch from the body (above the contrasting ribbing, not shown)  

Juliet pattern is FREE to customers who purchase the yarn for the project or is available for download purchase on Ravelry (at present). I am in love with Harold, the handsome pooch who shares the limelight with the design. The people at SWTC know I’m dog-mad, so it’s just perfect.Thanks Jonelle and Kat. They’ve got a new sock book coming out, so stay tuned for that here.

This week’s dyelots:

After neglecting purples for too long, the wool dyelots this week are several different purple mixes — 4ply, 2ply, Nepal lace singles (they’re killer purples!) and some hemp and wool (singles, 5ply-equiv). All drying at present.

There’s also a new lot of Devil’s Playground soy drying, which I haven’t mixed in a very long time. Thanks for asking! The photo (not the best, but the only one on file, below) shows the soy dk ribbon Devil’s Playground in front of some banana silk and aloo. Will post pictures of the new lot when it’s ready for sale. The latest version is decidedly brighter (hotter red this time) and has black in the mix. 


On the needles: new ingeo (corn) cardigan, a simple sock in SIOz merino 4 that needs editing, and yes, I’ve hidden my spindles to rule out distractions. 

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