Feb 2010 Club Yarn and Fibres – Way Over the Rainbow Club Mixes

Way Over the Rainbow Knitting Club Mix Feb 2010

For those of you who’ve already joined the SIOz knitting club, your packs will be sent out this week. Thank you to those who’ve already joined the fun. I couldn’t help but post a photo of the first yarn for the year. I don’t often mix Way Over the Rainbow, as it is one of my specials, but it is appropriate that we start off the knitting year with a splash, non? Your pack includes 100gms of this yarn (3ply merino, superwash), assorted goodies (natch) and a pattern for the project bag. 
Way Over the Rainbow organic merino
Fiber Club Mix Feb 2010
NOTE: the mix for the spinners is not the same rainbow as for the knitters. Some people are in both clubs and well, I thought I’d mix it up a bit. :-) Yeah, I’ve got a few rainbows up my sleeve.

For the fibre club, your packs are ready to go — most of you guys are picking yours up, so they’ll be ready for you this Sunday at the Port Markets. If your plans change, let me know so I can arrange delivery. Thank you to everyone who advised colour preferences for the gemspindle. It was fun making these to suit the spinner.  All the spindles have oak shafts, have been hand-sanded, coated, sanded, coated and finished with a nice little hook for spinnability. 

Regular Drop Spindle with glass whorl (Fibre Club Feb 2010)

I’ve mentioned previously that I’m not limiting membership to my clubs this year. Yup, after some great feedback from customers and a lot of reading online, not to mention my own experiences, I came to the conclusion that if you want to knit or spin with SIOz yarns or fibres, you should be able to get what you want. 
Recently: I was placed in a lottery for a sock club and was told I ‘didn’t get in.’ My initial reaction was, what? My $$ not good enough? And why am I feeling left out? This struck me as ridiculous. I mean, the last thing I neeeed is more sock yarn (I have only knit with 2 other brands for my own personal knitting in like, the last 3 years, so why would I care?) My reaction had been so hard-wired into me by Madison Avenue that I had to really think about it.  I’m still irrationally irritated that I didn’t get into that club — 2 weeks later. For no real reason. 
I don’t want my customers or potential customers to have that feeling. 
So you are all welcome. If you are a member and want more than 1 hank of yarn or instalment of fibre, do let me know in advance, as I need to account for the numbers in each lot. 
Happy Knitting and Spinning — M

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