It’s so easy being green

Bayou Sauvage – SIOz Superwash 3ply

100gm/400m hanks $22.00AU

I HEART this green. There seemed to be a dwindling stock of green yarn, so it was back to doing lots. I know I can’t stash all of this lot for myself, but can I at least knit with one?

In reality, the answer is NO, as I’ve got other yarn for my needles at the moment. I will certainly look forward to seeing what you knit with it. This yarn is superwash, so it’s suitable for socks, shawls, gloves…

Finn X 8ply wool

It’s not St. Patty’s day yet, but I’m getting the green on!

Clubbers: the clubs are slated to go out mid-week. Haven’t gotten around to joining the SIOz knitting or fibre clubs 2010? Not to worry. Why? Ok, this was a philosophical issue for me and how I do business. I am keeping my clubs open all year. Why? Because if someone is commiting their money and their knitting time and want to knit or spin with my yarns and fibres, then they can. I’m not into imposed exclusivity (how to describe?). And because I run a full-time yarn and design business, I structure my time to ensure I have time. The only exception to this is if I simply can’t get more of something (special fibres), which doesn’t happen very often, as stock yarns and fibres that I dye regularly. The club members are entitled to order the colours and projects in the clubs. I won’t be making those for general purchase.

Someone asked me if I will be releasing the designs for the knitter’s club to general customers. The answer is – nope.

Yeah, you guys keep me busy. And for that I’m incredibly grateful.

NOTE: for Fibre/Spindler Club members, the final instalment must be ordered in advance, so that means, if you are VERY late joining, you may have a delivery delay.

The First One-Hank-Happiness yarn is on display Sundays at the market. Yup, it’s a tease.

A BIG HELLO to the knitters who’ve been spending their US winters knitting A Coloured Sheep Shawl (shown below).

It has been so much fun getting your updates and comments and queries. I hope to see you during my next show trip to fondle the finished garments. It seems to be taking on average 3-4 mos of on and off knitting to complete this large shawl project. Less if you use 5ply instead of 3ply wool. And yes, I’m contemplating a handspun version — it sits in my brain for some distant point in time. There’s also a hank of very special Cormo that I’m thinking might be an awesome CSS.

CU at the market — M

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