SIOz update

G’day from sunny Adelaide. Well, it’s bloody hot mate and to add to the fun of the season, the fridge has died a horrible death. So after an entire day running around haggling with salesmen, I am the proud owner of a soontobedelivered new fridge. Wahooo. Ever not have a fridge in summer? Lived out of an esky? It’s amazing how much you NEED ice cubes when you can’t just open the freezer and get some. I shall fill the new one with piles of ice this week.

Right — it’s that in-between season. Still feeling the summer heat. Can’t think about projects for the colder seasons. I’m sticking with socks. Not much of a commitment, can put it down easily. Ah, the humble sock. We knitters are lucky we can make ‘em.

A big thanks to everyone who braved the humidity and heat and came by for a chat and a squeeze of yarn hanks yesterday. Glad to have met you.

And thanks to everyone for picking up your club kits. Enjoy watching your rainbow knitting grow!

CU at the Port or online, M

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