Thanks and Colours for this week

Thank you to everyone who’s inquired regarding the 2010 clubs. I really appreciate your enthusiasm. Can’t wait to see what gets made from all this lovely string and fluff.

Here’s some close up photos of a new banana smoothie bag to show you. I noticed that the lot of banana silk I used for this bag was stiffer than the last time I made it; this happens as it’s all handspun and lots vary. If you find your banana silk is thick, it won’t harm the project to go up a needle size. That said, you have to take into account that this fibre is unplied and will stretch with use. It’s worth wrestling with it for a few rows to get a good result on this project.

The purple and green and bits ‘o everything banana silk is a yarn that is difficult to match with others. You’d think it would blend as it’s a bitsa. But no.

In fact, I ordered it sight unseen and when I unloaded the boxes, went, hmmmm. That’s not what I ordered. But since it’s from the workshop in Nepal, and I think about how much work they’ve put into it, I surrendered my imagination to the colour muses and left a hank on my worktable, waiting for inspiration. The green soy (orphaned hanks) works really well with it don’t you think? 

Dyelots this week: So Sari Handspun in Dark Bluegreen Semi-Solid (wool 70%/recycled saris 30%) $8.00AU per 50gm hank. Some millends of a gorgeous merino ribbon (with a nylon binder) in Dark Bluegreen Semi-Solid ($5.00AU/50gm hank).  And some very special hanks of Finn X wool 8ply in a green multiblend.

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