Waiting for Rain!

SIOz Merino 4 Superwash in Red/Purple Mix $24.00/100gm

SIOz Merino 4 Superwash in Orange Mix 1 – $24.00/100gm

Will it ever rain in Adelaide? Forecast revised last week. No rain in sight, after teasing us with promises. *sigh* 

In the midst of my dye schedule, the shipment from Nepal arrived (the timing is always a guess) so I’m a few days behind, as I’ve had to un-bury myself from the mountain of new fibre and yarns. Apologies to you patient knitters!

Why am I excited? There’s a new lot of pure linen — machine-spun in Nepal, but still a rustic, natural thin yarn that I’m really happy with. It’s just so cool. Cool to wear, cool to knit with. Linen for weaving, crochet, and knitting. 

New spangle-y plied banana silk with gold thread — in a pale purple and green blend. Very bling. Great for a bag (see below) or for the edging of a garment.


Most thrilled with: a new natural cotton in a two-ply — close to the equivalent of a 4ply/fingering weight.  It’s so beautiful — not fake looking at all or bleached — with flecks of colour from the imperfections of the cotton.

There’s more, including a re-supply of aloo, hemp, and hemp and wool (new type), all being prepped for the dyelots next week. 

Natural yarns will be at the Port this weekend for you to have a feel and decide on colours.

SIL Melanie’s photo of her ball of WOR club yarn — nice pic Smelly!

Thanks for the photo — now I’m distracted and need to make a pair of socks in this yarn. 

Here’s a photo of the Club First Project:

This bag is designed in a teardrop shape, with some fancy pants shaping and groovy no-sew bag bottom tricks to boot. I love designs that are simple, but have a few fun knitter’s techniques to keep the knitter thinking. 

This week: I will be running lots of animal fibres in florals starting Monday, so do email or ring with your request. First up are the 10ply lots of premium merino superwash.

CU at the Port, M

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